Canadian Drug Stores

Drug stores are places where medications are bought. Originally, drug stores had qualified doctors who not only provided health check-ups and prescribed medicine, but also made the medications. Present-day drug stores just sell medication. There are some drug stores, however, that provide other services such as: lab services, medical clinics, health screenings, classes and events, counseling by pharmacists, medication refills, arranging seminars and lectures. In Canada, a prescription is necessary for buying medicine from a drug store. There are also some ‘over-the-counter’ drugs that can be sold without a prescription. There are also chain drug stores in Canada. These include pharmacies at grocery stores and super markets.

Canadian drug stores often provide drugs at lower prices than American pharmacies. They offer special discounts as high as 80%. This is because the Canadian government regulates the prices of drugs. These include brand name and generic prescriptions for the drugs. American citizens can also place drug orders in Canadian drug stores. Their prescriptions would be reviewed by a Canadian pharmacist before the order is processed. Since Canadian drugs are of the same quality, potency, and purity as American drugs, many Americans are now placing their orders at Canadian drug stores.

There are also online and mail order Canadian drug stores. They require a valid prescription which would be reviewed by an intermediary. Orders can be placed for up to 90 days of medication. The medicines are shipped directly to the applicant’s home. Narcotics and other controlled substances are not sold. Medicine can be ordered online by just selecting the drug’s name from a list, and specifying the strength, quantity, and form. A simple click of the button will confirm the order.